How much will this cost?

Each week we get several hundred inquiries asking us how much our services cost.

If we have not already seen you as a patient, then it is very difficult to tell you exactly what your care will cost. In fact, most providers will not be able to tell you because there is no way of knowing what the confirmed diagnosis or resulting service action may be.

Instead, we can obtain a courtesy general benefit disclosure and tell you what your insurance will cover according to the type of plan you have chosen. As part of our response, we also tell patients that Dr. Aaron G. Filler is not a contracted insurance provider, so medical services received through the neurological practice of Institute for Nerve Medicine would be covered at the out-of-network benefit rate for your insurance plan.

Many patients concerned with out-of-pocket amounts are frustrated by the out-of-network status and incorrectly assume that this is a way for the doctor to charge more for medical services.

At the Institute for Nerve Medicine, being out-of-network is not a method for generating additional revenue; rather, it is a quality of care issue.

Many insurance plans will only provide basic services from alternate methods or means that have failed to work. Since we have pioneered many of the medical treatments in this subspecialty field, we stand by our need to be able to provide the best in quality care and to exceed the medical standard of care.

Having set the standard of care high, many patients are surprised to learn the value of our medical services. A comprehensive consult in our clinic is only $500; it’s important to also note that this price has not changed in more than six years, despite many other medical specialties routinely charging between $800 and $1200 for a consult.

At the Institute for Nerve Medicine, we value our exceptional clinical standards and stand by our successful, objective formal patient outcomes as recorded in numerous peer reviewed papers. Our methods are often mimicked but never successfully achieved within network.

A good question to ask yourself is: How successful have in-network treatments been at resolving my pain conditions?

If you are concerned about going out-of-network and are debating the merits of how to best use your resources, please know that “worth” is not necessarily about money. It is also the value of the medical service being provided. We are proud to consistently exceed the standard of care, and we look forward to working with all prospective patients to ensure that the value of our services are available to everyone.

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